Zz_SkiFit – 1 Week Taster

This 1 week package provides you with an example of each of the cardio conditioning, yoga and meditation sessions.

​Following the 1 week taster, we hope you will want to complete the 6 week programme.

​If you complete the taster session and then go on to purchase the full session we will reimburse you the cost of the 1 week package.

Zz_SkiFit – 1 Week Taster

1 week taster

Enjoy getting ready for the mountains.

Over 1 hour of content – 3 classes!

30 minutes of cardio conditioning
30 minutes of yoga
5 minutes of meditation

An accessible and effective way to prepare for winter – as long as you are motivated and prepared to stick to the schedule. Excellent value too – this 6 course of 18 videos can be streamed multiple times with no expiry date and you can repeat the sessions as many times as you like.

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Zz_SkiFit – 1 Week Taster