Zz_SkiFit Classes

SkiFit Class Styles

The following classes are being offered in at the Cookham location:

  • Ski-Fit yoga: This is a seasonal class that focusses on strengthening the muscles used in skiing and snowboarding. After a block of these classes, you will feel stronger on the slopes!

Other classes can be arranged such as:

  • Private 1-to-1 classes (tailored sessions to deliver individual results e.g. integrating yoga into triathlon training -or- reducing lower back pain)
  • Corporate yoga classes (arranged at company location)
  • Pre-arranged group classes for those with a specific goal in mind (e.g. Berkshire Tri Squad (BTS) post-run yoga)


  • Block book multiple sessions in advance: £8 per class.
  • Drop ins and pay on day are £10 per class.
  • Private sessions are from £40 per hour (additional costs added for travel and/or additional people)