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Current Class Schedule

  • HIIT cardio Monday morning 7 am (30 mins)

    YOGA Monday morning 7:30 am (30 min)

    YOGA Monday evening 6:30 – 7:30 pm (1 hour) Both online and studio

    YOGA Monday Evening 8:00 pm Yin yoga (1 hour) Both online and studio

  • YOGA Tuesday morning 7:30 am (30 minutes)

    HIIT cardio Tuesday lunchtime 12 noon (30 mins)

    YOGA Tuesday evening 7-8 pm (1 hour) Both online and studio

    YOGA/Meditation Tuesday evening 8:15 (30 mins)

  • HIIT cardio Wednesday morning 7 am (30 mins)

    YOGA Wednesday morning 7:30 am (30 mins) 

    YOGA Wednesday morning 9:15 am (1 hour) Both online and studio

    YOGA Wednesday lunchtime 12 noon (30 minutes)

  • Private classes only

  • YOGA Friday morning 7 am (45 mins)

  • YOGA Saturday morning 8 am (45 mins) Both online and studio


Your membership includes:

  • Free subscription for June
  • All streamed classes via Zoom
  • Video library containing 300+ our professionally filmed and high end filmed classes which covers a wide range of classes:
  • Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin ranging from strength to gentler
  • Kids yoga and mindfulness classes, with 10 year old Max
  • Classes suitable for all levels unless specified otherwise. Class times are 15 mins – 30 mins – 45 mins – 1 hour

Additionally, full access to our SkiFit classes – even non-skiers will enjoy! Think “Summer fit” 🙂

  • Family SkiFit- 3 x 30 minute classes – REALLY fun
  • Entire SkiFit programme (18 classes – yoga, cardio, meditation)
  • Progressive yoga – 6 x 30 minute classes of dynamic and balancing yoga
  • Regular newsletter with compelling content

In unprecedented times how thankful am I that YogaTonic adapted so quickly. I have done more yoga in one week than the whole month and have been lucky to attend 3 of their live stream practices which are awesome. I can not thank you enough not just for the physical benefits but for the mental health benefits too – it’s been great to know I can join a class and that I will greeted by a smile and hello such a blessing.