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Free videos

We are working on growing our online videos for people to use. We have started on SkiFit but promise to make other videos for active people who don’t ski 🙂 Even if you don’t ski, these videos are helpful in lengthening and strengthening.

Latest: The 5 day challenge. Each session is 5 minutes long, with 5 exercises to be completed over 5 days.

We also have some great pre and post ski stretches. You can use these for running, hiking, sports – anything.

We also have sun salutations and plank/low plank (Caturanga) at the bottom.

Hopefully you will enjoy these short sessions – despite them being tough!

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5 Day Challenge
Day 1 and 2

We have put together a 5 day challenge to help you get ready for your time in the mountains. This is a short, intense workout that is going to get you working up a sweat. The exercises have been chosen to replicate some of the movements you will do whilst you are skiing…

Other helpful videos

The videos shot below were done on our phone. They are silent, other than Tim’s breathing and the birds chirping.

Sun salutations
Warm up
Caturanga, step by step