About YogaTonic UK

Tim Phillis

Both Tim and Shannon are insured by DSC Strand Ltd – professional liability insurance up to £7m.

In 2016, Tim and Shannon became a qualified yoga teachers, after  years of regular practice. As a keen sportsman Tim has offered classes to several local sports clubs from cricket, rugby and triathlon. Returning to his sporting roots, he is now an assistant coach for the U10 Marlow Rugby team.

To complement his yoga qualification, Tim has become Gym instructor in 2019. Whether you are young or old, fit or wanting to get fitter – there really is a way to enjoy sports and yoga. As a passionate skier, Tim’s skiing has certainly improved with more yoga; though his taste in 1990’s outfits has yet to improve.

Since qualifying, Tim has continued to learn from various yoga teachers such as Jeff Phenix and RJ Yoga. Week long, or shorter, retreats remain a highlight as it reminds Tim of the wonderfully positive impact yoga can have on our lives.

Over the last few years, Tim has certainly noticed that more men are joining the classes- which is great to see. Hopefully this trend will continue as will the trend of younger people also staring their yoga practice…

Shannon Phillis

Shannon has had a love of running and cycling for years and started taking up yoga regularly when moving to the UK from California in 2000. She had always wanted to become a yoga teacher but got distracted with triathlon, where she met Tim, her husband, amidst the speedo-clad swimmers at Fulham pools in London.

Struggling with finding time to stretch after training sessions, injuries became more prevalent as time went on.  It was in 2002,  when yoga classes were offered twice a week a work, that yoga became a priority in her training schedule. 

There has always been love for yoga and meditation in Shannon’s life. In the early 2000’s, she regularly went to meditation classes at the Buddhist Vihara in Chiswick. In 2008, she spent time in Rishikesh, India at Parmath Niketan, though it wasn’t until 2016 that Shannon and Tim finally qualified as a RYT yoga teachers at Yoga London. The following year she qualified as a Reiki level 1 & 2 practitioner with Be Your Spirit. She has done numerous CPD training sessions including Acro Yoga with Jaqui Wan, retreats with Jeff Phenix, Yin workshops with RJ Yoga. Favourite styles: Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Power, all having a strong element of mindfulness.

Leading kids yoga workshops (trained by Cosmic Kids) and coaching the U11’s boys athletics  group have been additional pleasures for Shannon. Yoga and mindfulness compliments kids sport bringing flexibility, focus and positive mindset.

Shannon Phillis

She is First Aid qualified – St Johns Ambulance, Maidenhead and DBS Enhanced checked (latest one 2019).

Max Phillis

Tim and Max

Definitely the most serious yoga practitioner, Max is a natural at yoga. Starting off doing Garbha Pindasana very early on, he has now mastered much of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Max’s favourite poses being the dog (upward and downward). He often tries pre-bedtime stalling techniques by offering to start the class off with warm ups on the evenings we have people over doing yoga.

He has been so helpful on the kids yoga workshops; with the planning and set up of each class. His insights as to what games are “cool enough” for his age group have been invaluable. 

Like his father, Max is an avid sportsman, his interests being rugby, cricket, football and running. He loves skiing and will be competing in the IAPS ski competition this winter.

Missy Phillis

Missy puts us all to shame with the best poses. She has great form and concentration. She has great balance and using food or tennis ball as her drishti (gazing point).

She’s probably the best meeter and greeter you’ll find. Knowing when a class is about to start she waits by the door eagerly for her long lost friends.

During “lockdown”, she has managed to appear in some of our videos. These days every yoga teacher who has a dog is getting them involved. This is an excellent trend and hope it continues!