Yoga At Work

Yoga at the workplace – but at home….

In light of people having to work from home, we have set up a new way to encourage colleagues to remain active. We appreciate that it can be hard to remain active whilst working from home, looking after kids whilst they are off school.

We hope we can help.

Streaming online yoga classes for colleagues

This option allows all colleagues, wherever they are based be it the UK or Europe, to join the session. All we need to do is agree a time that works best for you for the class to be set up.

Online monthly subscription

As we stream more classes, we are creating a library of great content for subscribers to revisit or do when they are able to do. Classes will range from 1 hour to 30 minutes with both Shannon and Tim teaching.

We will also be offering yoga classes for kids as part of the weekly subscription / live classes. It’s going to be important to keep the whole family active when based at home.

Lastly, there will also be a several shorter cardio HIIT classes for you to raise the heart rate….

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Why take time out of your busy day to do yoga at work?

Shannon and I were both initially introduced by companies offering yoga at the work and truly believe that it can provide an important role in engaging withe employees. Taking an hour or so out of a busy week to stretch, switch off is invaluable and is not only time well spent but also budget well spent. As a yoga student my practice has found myself in meeting rooms, store cupboards to office canteens. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter where the class is held other than it allows colleagues to feel relaxed and want to come to start, or continue their yoga practice. 

Most importantly all our classes are open to all levels and would encourage anyone who is interested to come and give it ago – who knows where these first classes could take you. I (Tim) would not have imagined that I become a yoga teacher…..

  • Yoga at work can be enjoyed by everyone
    • Men and women – our bodies are all different
    • Commuters – to destress from the daily journey to work
    • Sports people – to actively recover from workouts and prevent injury
    • Desk workers – to prevent fatigue caused by sitting all day
  • Injury prevention: Yoga should be ‘prehab’ rather ‘rehab’
  • Clear the mind and improve concentration 

Offering yoga at work can take several forms such as:

  • Regular classes on client site
  • Weekly or monthly classes at our studio (if local)
  • One off yoga workshops
  • Including yoga as part of a wellness day
  • Offering yoga as a break out option at a conferences

Some interesting articles about yoga in the workplace

Economic Times: How yoga helps IT professionals
Thrive Global: Yoga postures to help you through your workday
Eyewitness News: Yoga reduces workplace stress

We have also posted several articles on our blog about the benefits of doing yoga. Check out some of our posts here.

Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work
Yoga At Work