Live Online Yoga

Join our LIVE yoga and fitness classes!

Streaming our yoga classes online lets us share our yoga practice with our students wherever they are (or we are) in the world.

Our students have found that practicing their yoga at home has added to their convenience; all they need to do is find a quiet space and roll out the mat.

We both share the teaching responsibilities so you can enjoy our different styles of teaching. As Registered Yoga Teachers, 200 hours, one of the enjoyable elements of teaching vinyasa flow and yin yoga is that we are able to mix our classes up – focusing on different yoga poses and yoga stretches each class. 

Online yoga Premium membership

Live streaming classes plus unlimited videos

£25 per month

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Benefits include:

Our Premium Membership subscription gives you all the choice you need to practice yoga at home with unlimited access to both our live classes and our recorded yoga courses

As part of our membership offer, you will also have the following benefits

We are a small family-run business who want to keep people active and strong, inside and out. We love yoga and outdoors and are normal people. There are bigger, glitzier apps you can use, but it won’t be as personal as YogaTonic UK.

Current Live Streaming Schedule

  • YOGA Monday morning 7:30 am (30 min)

    YOGA Monday evening 6:30 pm (1 hour) Both online and studio

    YOGA Monday Evening 8:00 pm Yin yoga (1 hour) Both online and studio

  • YOGA Tuesday morning 7:30 am (30 minutes)

    YOGA Tuesday evening 7 pm (1 hour) Both online and studio

  • NEW TIME! 7:00 am Wednesday morning strength yoga (45 mins)

    YOGA Wednesday morning 9:15 am (1 hour) Both online and studio

  • Private classes only

  • YOGA Friday morning 7 am (45 mins) Both online and studio

  • YOGA Saturday morning 8 am (45 mins) Both online and studio

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