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Get access to ALL our online content and join our LIVE streaming yoga and fitness classes.

Watch pre-recorded lessons depending on your area of focus, when you want.

Please note that your first month will be free. After that, the subscription is billed at £25 per month and will be billed monthly automatically. You can cancel anytime by clicking on My Account page, in footer or on My YogaTonic page, once signing in.

Current Class Schedule

  • HIIT cardio Monday morning 7 am (30 mins)

    YOGA Monday morning 8 am (30 min)

    YOGA Monday evening 7-8 pm (1 hour)

    YOGA Monday Evening 8:15 pm Yin (1 hour)

  • YOGA Tuesday morning 8 am (30 minutes)

    HIIT cardio Monday lunchtime 12 noon (30 mins)

    YOGA Tuesday evening 7-8 pm (1 hour)

    YOGA Tuesday evening 8:15 pm Recovery (1 hour)

  • HIIT cardio Wednesday morning 7 am (30 mins)

    YOGA Wednesday morning 8 am (1 hour) 

    YOGA Wednesday lunchtime 12 noon (30 minutes)

  • KICK BOXING and YOGA (adults): Thursday 7:30am 30 kick/30 yoga

  • YOGA Friday morning 7 am (45 mins)

  • YOGA Saturday morning 8 am (1 hour)


Your membership includes:

  • Free subscription for a month. After that, it’s £25.
  • All streamed classes via Zoom
  • Video library holding a mixture of our professionally filmed and Zoom recorded classes which covers styles Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin. Classes range from strength to gentler. Also, HIIT cardio and kids yoga. Classes suitable for all levels unless specified otherwise.
  • New specialised programmes such as beginners yoga, runners yoga, lower back yoga, and kids yoga (new “how to calm exam nerves” classes) and widely recognised SkiFit programme

In unprecedented times how thankful am I that YogaTonic adapted so quickly. I have done more yoga in one week than the whole month and have been lucky to attend 3 of their live stream practices which are awesome. I can not thank you enough not just for the physical benefits but for the mental health benefits too – it’s been great to know I can join a class and that I will greeted by a smile and hello such a blessing.