Kids Yoga

Teaching kids yoga has been so rewarding because yoga is all about positive self image. Teaching confidence at an early age sets them up for life. Trained by Cosmic Kids, these techniques are tried and tested for kids of all ages.

We run the following classes for kids (aged 6-12) and take care to ensure that the classes meet the needs of the younger and older kids. Our son, Max, helps Shannon lead the kids throughout the workshops; he’s 10 years old and understands what is “cool” and “embarassing mum”:

Monthly parent/child partner yoga workshops

  • This class are held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and lasts for 2.5 hours
  • Parents and kids have separate classes with Tim and Shannon respectively
  • Following the separate classes, parents and kids have a short break enjoying healthy snacks / chocolate making together
  • Shannon leads a guided meditation (short enough for the kids attention span)
  • The partner yoga starts with the basics and conclude with the parent and child moving into more tricky acroyoga poses. We find that the acroyoga is popular with parents and kids as they need to communicate and trust each other as they come into the more advanced poses.

Yoga / cooking mini retreats for kids

  • These mini retreats are held in the summer or Easter breaks and lasts for 4 hours.
  • Workshops include a yoga class followed by a cooking class with Helen Burgess from Little Cooks Co. As the kids make their own healthy lunch and snacks, Helen teaches them about nutrition in a way kids understand.
  • Each day the yoga class follow a different theme; ranging from sports, music to games. The kids get breaks where they can run around or do crafts.
  • Kids also join in with some mindfulness exercises and meditation.

Wellness days at schools

  • Many schools are now offering wellness days for their students
  • Depending on age of kids, the yoga classes usually last for between 20-30 minutes
  • We have had great feedback from kids from reception to senior school
  • Wellness days have been delivered at schools such as, St Pirans – Maidenhead, Lane End Primary – Lane End, Royal Grammar School (RGS) – High Wycombe

It’s also been a lot of fun providing yoga classes for parents and kids at the Cookham Fair and Holy Trinity School Fete 2018 and 2019. At Herrie’s School in Cookham we also provided an after school club for the kids once a week.

Please contact us if you are interested in a kids programme.