Keeping the corporates moving

Since I have started teaching yoga, I have been fortunate to have gained several corporate yoga classes. The experience has certainly improved my practice, my teaching and also my ability to adapt to changing situations.

When I say, adapt to changing situations, I mean thinking on my feet! Sometimes the best laid plans were just not meant to be…

One client regularly provides a lovely meeting room with floor to ceiling windows on 3 sides offering plenty of natural light and views over Windsor Great Park. It really is ideal for a class. On several occasions the room has been required for business (priorities, eh?) with the only alternative being the store room. Surrounded by shelves, working printers and no natural light, not to mention limited space the pre-class planning had to be tweaked ever so slightly. Plan B applied.

Several clients have provided in site gyms for the lunchtime classes. As noted with Plan B – sometimes the clients work unsurprisingly takes priority that can change the make up of the class. Gauging the size and the experience of the class has given me the opportunity to take smaller classes through more advanced sequences with more of a workshop feel to them. Application of Plan C.

In another location, I was preparing my class and creating calm atmosphere for a lunch time class. An attendee to the class kindly pointed out that the candles may set off the alarms… after all this was a key product of the client and was particularly sensitive! Plan D required.

Yoga at Work

Lastly, supporting a local conference I had been asked to provide a 15 minute yogic energizer. Following an engaging session (i.e. it over ran) – my slot was reduced from 15 mins to 5! Think yogic energizer on speed. Plan E activated!

Though I know some of my experiences are not unique to corporate yoga itself, offering classes away from the studio / deck (when it is warm enough) in the sanctuary of YogaTonic UK HQ- has certainly improved my style and confidence as a teacher and given me so much enjoyment on the way. (After all that is one of the reasons to teach yoga isn’t it?)

Whilst I can safely stay that I doubt I will ever feature a picture of me teaching in a store room, the opportunity to share my practice with new people, in new environments has been a pleasure and one that provides some of my personal highlights each week.

Now – how to provide corporate yoga on beach with the sun setting… answers on a postcard please!

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